Albion Online: The Team Is Working On Polishing The UI

Due to the release date of Albion Online is now approaching, the developers are still frantically working to make the PvP fantasy game the best that it can be. Much-anticipated Galahad update has already been revealed, which contains extremely widespread changes for the beta. What are you waiting for now? U4GM ensure that you can enjoy the cheapest price to buy cheap albion online gold.

Galahad mainly brings a brand-new user interface designed, compared with previously version, it looks a lot sharper and more polished. Not only UI have been reshaped, but also the world geography has been moved around and the map improved for better viewing.

Including new biome cities, expeditions, guardians, 25 new spells, gathering gear as well as improved open world PvE, which all are Galahad other changes. If you want to figure out what are those changes details, recommended you visit here:

Albion Online has announced its date for officially launching: July 17th, 2017, just three months away. In the meantime, the game has also looked at adjusting some of its open PvP zones. At present, the team is now working on polishing the UI, improving the starter experience, and putting in some quality of life features for guilds.

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