Gamers Are Eagerly Awaiting The Release Of Albion

Albion Online, a great deal of gamers are super excited for this game, from originally announced to now, in general, Albion Online will bring a PvE as well as PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy. All equipment items are player-crafted, along with a unique classless system and much more.

The release date was confirmed, gamers are seemingly waiting this moment, in this summer, Albion Online is set for launched on July 17th, but, keep in mind that the mobile release will come later. More release details and its patch update, you can head on over to:

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Albion Primarily Changes: Issues Need To Be Fixed

Albion latest patch revealed, Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981, official website has been listed those patches, more contents and patch update, stay tuned: Let’s take a look at details about Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981.

Zerg Display in Outlands Test.
This is part of a bigger effort to improve the role/gameplay of the Outlands.
As part of a testing phase we’re enabling the display of groups larger than 10 player on the cluster & minimap in the Outlands, similar to the red zone.
We’ll be keeping this feature enabled for at least two weeks and will then analyze the collected data about Outland PvP in that time period to make a decision regarding the future of the feature.
We’re doing this because we think enabling this feature encourages a more tactical gameplay in the Outlands and allows smaller groups of players to become active in the outlands.

Guild Rank Permission Changes
An “Officer” can now promote/demote players up to “Guardsman” rank.
The “Right Hand” can now manage alliance features in addition to the guild leader.
A “Warmaster” can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the “Officer” role is being able to declare GVG attacks and kick players from the guild.
A “Master of Coin” can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the “Officer” role is being able to manage guild tax and guild account as well as the ability to kick players from guild.

Other Changes
Reduced time to teleport out of a dungeon from 60 to 30 seconds (teleporting out of a dungeon is less safe than logging out but had the same time investment).
Reputation Info Screen is now in the new UI look and includes the information what zones can be accessed

Fixed a minimap issue in “Wild Shaft”.
Fixed beams not getting properly removed when going invisible.
Fixed inspection window not updating when inspection target without closing the window before.
Fixed an issue where resources in the building upgrade UI were not always displayed correctly.
Fixed an issue where your client could get stuck in loading screen after leaving an expedition.
Removed “Resource depleted!” message appearing after successfully harvesting a resource.
Fixed an issue which closed the loot UI instantly when multiple groups where involved in killing a mob.
Fixed an issue which disabled hotkey use and chatting after sending a party or guild invitation.
Fixed an issue which allowed players to repeatedly receive spawn immunity near city entrances in the Outlands.

Gamers have been keeping a close eye on the update of Albion Online patch, aboved mentioned changes as well as fixes, if you have other questions about Albion Online, no matter what you put forth questions, you can contact with us at any time. Do you plan on buying albion online gold?

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Albion: The World Map Is Broken Up Into Different Zones

Albion Online has a large emphasis on group content, primarily group PvP. Even the PvE content in this game can have PvP happen since the dungeons are not instanced and tagged players can be attacked by other players depending on the zone they’re in. Are you eager to buy cheap albion online gold?

Albion Online guilds is also a significant part in whole gaming process. In order to attack a territory or city, a guild must announce where and when they will invade, giving defenders a chance to gear up and defend their territory. In a word, a major guild or alliance can drastically change the feel of an entire region.

And then lets’s talk about Albion maps, the maps are large, especially compared to how many people play. This combines nicely with the beautifully rendered background audio, which is unique to each biome, to create a nice sense of isolation. Some maps have limited exits, creating easily patrolled choke points, and finding ways to avoid a potential ambush is critical when it comes to transporting goods. You require purchase albion online gold if you want to enjoy so exhilarating game.

As risk and reward, the world map is broken up into different zones. Green, Yellow, Red and Black, each color signifying the level of PVP allowed within that area. Green zones are completely safe, Yellow has limited PVP, anyone can fight anyone within the Red and Black zones, and any player can loot the gear, items and mounts from anyone they kill within these two zones. More maps, guilds details can be found more here:

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U4GM: Aiming To Fulfill The Expectation Of Gamers

Based on each gamers type, Albion Online is dedicated to offers varied gameplay in online role playing. Including classic PvE, and you fight with gamers against monsters of all kinds and reach important raw matericals, huge GvG battles or engaging PvP battles in the team. Actually, you can conquer the whole game world with the help of albion online gold.

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Gamers Wisely Choose The Best Albion Gold Supplier U4GM

Albion Online is now available on PC, IOS, Mac as well as Android, the sandbox MMORPG will have a new interface optimized for players. Both the world map and the PVE mode have also been improved and expanded. In addition, new quests and expeditions have been added. For more informations about albion online added new content, click here.

Acclaimed in beta for the founders, Albion Online is virtually redesigned with a redesigned user interface and an extended world map for more essential information. New thematic cities have also emerged and the PVE now enjoys random camps and monsters. In addition, the disciples of Morgana and the undead await you in a dedicated dungeon.

Albion Online adds important changes as well as new features, players themselves and their actions influence the development of the game universe. Everyone can choose his orientation or what role to play: become an adventurer, an inveterate picker, an outlaw Impudent or a master craftsman, no matter, each will find its place in this vast world that is Albion.

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Albion Online: The Team Is Working On Polishing The UI

Due to the release date of Albion Online is now approaching, the developers are still frantically working to make the PvP fantasy game the best that it can be. Much-anticipated Galahad update has already been revealed, which contains extremely widespread changes for the beta. What are you waiting for now? U4GM ensure that you can enjoy the cheapest price to buy cheap albion online gold.

Galahad mainly brings a brand-new user interface designed, compared with previously version, it looks a lot sharper and more polished. Not only UI have been reshaped, but also the world geography has been moved around and the map improved for better viewing.

Including new biome cities, expeditions, guardians, 25 new spells, gathering gear as well as improved open world PvE, which all are Galahad other changes. If you want to figure out what are those changes details, recommended you visit here:

Albion Online has announced its date for officially launching: July 17th, 2017, just three months away. In the meantime, the game has also looked at adjusting some of its open PvP zones. At present, the team is now working on polishing the UI, improving the starter experience, and putting in some quality of life features for guilds.

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Albion: Hellgate Now Spawn In Three Types

Albion Online is currently widespread acclaimed by gamers, without restrictions on classes, in addition, its economy of the game is entirely determined by the gamers. Now, developer Sandbox Interactive was required make some improvements and changes for the game’s Hellgates.

In accordance to official news, for the game’s Hellgates, and there made some improvements in the form of its “Hector” update. Including Mob interactions and map layout.

Dynamic spawn points will give both teams an equal chance and allow for changing gameplay.

Mob placement has been improved to prevent stagnant stand-offs and lead to more skirmishes between opposing teams.

Hellgates now spawn in three types, 2v2 in green zones, 5v5 in yellow zones, as well as 5v5 in red & black zones, with the risk – and reward – increasing from zone to zone.

Mob interactions and map layout have been redesigned to give players a better PvP experience without concerning themselves with wandering demons that can affect the outcome of team fights.

Hellgates are an intrinsic feature of Albion Online, U4GM has been offered more the latest news about its changes and improvements, it’s importance to note that cheap albion online gold for sale at U4GM. Price reasonable and cheap, instant delivery, the top quality service and much more.

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The New Hellgate Map Is Shaped Like A Pentagram

Arguably, Hellgates are an intrinsic feature of Albion Online, it can combine with PvP and PvE. For some brave adventurers, they can be allowed to enter them by taking down demonic monsters in the open world. In fact, the real danger comes from other players that may enter the same Hellgate, owing to all Hellgate portals in the world are connected. So many gamers are plan on buying cheap albion online gold at U4GM.

Commonly, Hellgates have been widespread acclaimed, at the same time, they are a great source for intense PvP fights. Concerning the main issues Hellgates currently, there are related to teams dodging fights or pulling mobs to gain an unfair advantage in fights. Today, let’s us take a look at Hellgate Design Goals and New Hellgate Map.

Hellgate Design Goals
Hellgates are about PvP.
Camping the opposing team’s entrance should not be a valid strategy.
Mobs should play no, or a very limited, role in deciding who wins the PvP fight.
Hellgate strategy should not be affected by artificial game mechanics such as timers.
Mobs should act as sources for loot and as a time buffer that allow a second team to join the Hellgate before it is finished.
Dodging the opposing team should not be possible. At the same time, there needs to be a legitimate way out of the Hellgate if something unexpected happens, for example: your healer disconnects.

New Hellgate Map
The new Hellgate map is shaped like a pentagram, with a circular path connecting the corner pieces. Each corner of the pentagram is a possible entrance. Which of the five entrances a team enters through is decided at random, which means it is impossible for the first team to know where the second team will show up and gate camp. Gamers decide to buy albion online gold at U4GM.

There will be very few trash mobs, and those that are on the map can be leashed easily. This has been done to fulfill the second design goal: making sure that PvE does not play a significant role in the Hellgate PvP fights.

Currently, Hellgates are connected globally, what this means is that a team entering from a yellow zone could be matched against a team entering from a black zone. according to the zones that gamers choose to enter, and now Hellgates was being changed, yellow zones, green zones as well as red, black zones. More details about Albion Online, you can check out more:

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Albion: Resources Are The Most Important Part Of Crafting

Albion Online is a PvP and crafting focused MMO, hence, everything in-game and all the gear you get is crafted by either you or someone else. Sometimes, you need to trade with other gamers by buying albion online gold. As we all know, Albion Online is an open-PvP world gameplay, there are some main storyline quests.

Speaking of dungeons, it was actually a pretty nice experience for PvE. There are some interesting spells and magical item, in general, entire dungeons can boost overall gaming experience, arguably, it’s an enjoyable game overall. A great deal of gamers don’t mind spending more time or money on buying cheap albion online gold, actually, U4GM will be save your more time and money, which is a professional website.

Gathering resource is significant part in-game, at the same time, resources are the most important part of crafting. Essentially, gamers all can be obtanined through gathering, you need to find areas where resources are not overly gathered. It’s hard to find in both PvE areas and even in limited PvP areas.

One strategy to do that is to head to an area where the higher tier of the material you want is available. For example, if you are planning to gather a tier 2 material, try to find an area with tier 2-4 materials. In these areas, tier 2 will not be gathered very much since other players only focus on tier 3-4 materials. More gameplay skills? you can get more useful guides or tips, official website offers more:

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Albion Gamers Can Try Any Ways To Get More Resources

Some new gatherer equipment will be ready to unveiled by the albion online team, for those equipments, it will brings high value for gamers whose are gradually picking up resources to create new items. Specific gear is available for miners, quarriers, harvesters, skinners as well as lumberjacks that will provide significant bonuses when equipped during resource collection. However, a large number of gamers is now working on buying cheap albion online gold.

If you are eager to get gear, firstly, you must unlock it through the respective gatherer line on the destiny board. Once that’s achieved, the items need to be crafted by Toolmakers. And then it’s off to reap the rewards of the Gatherer Equipment. So whether you want to get fiber, wood, ore, stone or animal hide.

The crafting is fun enough, gamers can try any ways to get more loot, albion team also has plans to touch on a number of areas including guild quality of life, performance improvements, a reworked tutorial system, UI improvements and much more. Read more at:

Albion Online is set for launch on July 17th, at the same time, Galahad update was launched, along with a brand new layout. Significant updates will be applied to item drops and the in-game economy as well as improvements made to Hell Gates to create picture perfect PvP moments. Gamers emphasis on that cheap albion gold is required by them.

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